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I would support putin if he orders nukes on japan -j

me after writing a 13 line essay for a 1 mark question

some people dont deserve to be treated with kindness or respect

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me when i cross state borders and forget to turn on roaming

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EU: refuses to build nuclear power
EU: refuses to build solar panels
EU: refuses to build wind farms
EU: "why are we out of power i don't get it"

why cant letsencrypt make certs last for 180 days :(
it always expires when i am outside :(

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People that use a frontend to send social media links are true friends.

Friends don't send bioluminiscent links to other friends.

And if the link is also .onion/.i2p >>>>>

i do not understand why so many people want to have sexual intercourse with society

apt-file should be installed by default

me when bsnl rolls out 4G in the year every other telecom provider in india will be rolling out 5G

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> wikipedia notes that a term is offensive to the natives
> continues using the term

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i did it, i survived the first term (semester equivalent ig)

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donate vern 15000 dollars and we will get talos ii server

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