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I'm Alex Widulski <> (they/them) (androphilic)
I'm a ( developer and activist (and use only free software), philosopher, big advocate for , and a ~vern ( admin. I try to flag stuff with tone indicators (see pins) as much as I can. I use GNU/Linux on my T500 and on my
I'm on and .
I say free as in liberty and gratis as in no cost.

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trying to figure out which queries are trackers and which are necessary for the page to show up properly like

i hear the word "bear" and in my head i think 'hm yes bears go woof'

purple isnt in the rainbow stop putting it in the rainbow

how can the universe be infinite if it wasn't infinite before

you can tell a lot about a person based off their /etc/passwd file
for example, if its sorted numerically by uid, they're a perfectionist. if most uids and gids dont match, they're bad at keeping track of things. if field 2 is `x`, the password is stored in /etc/shadow

Xi Jinping, president of the People's Republic of China, circa 2000 CE

the infinite stress in submitting a form and sextuple checking whether or not you filled out everything and didn't mess anything up

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