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fuck it no post just look at my website


what 0 girlcock does to a mf 💀

what funny service should i set up on vern

tor hidden service configuration is stupid easy


no dad i'm not trans because my mom gave me a feminine nickname. why would said name trigger my dysphoria if that were the case you fucking neutronium brick

people really think that teaching kids about transgender will make them transgender
actual idiots

how to force firefox to make window.isSecureContext return true always

Blu from Rio (2011) doing a line of coke

might have akkoma or something on if its easy to set up onion and i2p for it

how the fuck can you like piped (shitware, docker only, js required, doesnt have /feeds, 3 different subdomains, main instance cloudfucked, i cant figure out how to make it an onion or i2p service) over invidious (no js, installable without docker, proxies every endpoint, 1 domain, no main instance, onion and i2p is super easy)

are cis people not allowed on disqordia or something

nobody's becoming racist because of the words "blacklist" and "whitelist"

mfs will say minors dni and then interact with minors

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@cobra it was circular, with legs extending around it in a circle, and a head in the middle

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