how the fuck can you like piped (shitware, docker only, js required, doesnt have /feeds, 3 different subdomains, main instance cloudfucked, i cant figure out how to make it an onion or i2p service) over invidious (no js, installable without docker, proxies every endpoint, 1 domain, no main instance, onion and i2p is super easy)

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@cobra because it looks pretty(also most invidious instances are blocked at my school for whatever reason

@cobra I don't even know why them blocked them, me and like 3 other people used them and then they got blocked. Invidious is a cool project, though, I just don't have the bandwidth to run it, and I don't want to pay for bandwidth(hetzner gives me 20 TB free per month, so I'd be worried about running out of bandwidth plus it'd go through a cheap vps which probably couldn't handle more than like 2 streams. This is also the VPS that hosts my DNS servers, so I don't want to risk it.

@thehedgeh0g @cobra i cant even access the internet in my school for "whatever" reason

@cobra piped has a feature where if the youtuber has a section where they advertise skillshare or whatever, it gets automatically skipped, so that's pretty neat

@socks have you heard of the SponsorBlock extension (it supports invidious)

@cobra piped uses same API, its just that its integrated better

@cobra for invidious, support is beta and requires extension. for piped its built in to the website and support has been there for a long time

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