web3isgoinggreat .com loads 18 scripts and makes 2 requests to google
and the "no js" version still loads 13 scripts

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@cobra To be fair: Besides Google Analytics, all are on Molly's domain. I would expect that many of the SPAs are quite riddled with JavaScript files.

@cobra Sorry, single page application. The content is dynamically loaded and replaced in the site when you navigate through the app. The initial load of the page is usually bigger, but all subsequent navigation clicks should be faster.

welp @cobra web 1 and web 2 are also going great! maybe it’s time we accept that the issue is with the humen, not the technology

CMIIW @cobra, only defines web0 as, well, the web 🕸. You can make a client load 100 MB of java script and still fit web0 description. The upper-level domain links to the small web, which also talks about the social aspect of the web.

Weblite (cc @alcinnz) would be closer to solve the resource abuse problem, but the development seems to have halted:

@cnx @cobra Yeah, I'm more interested in implementing the minimized spec than writing it...

On that measure work has far from halted! Infact I'm working on it now...

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